Fulfil my Dream


Fulfil my Dream’ was an event prepared for Iraqi children by the IFAA





‘Fulfil my Dream’ was an event prepared for Iraqi children by the association, the event gave a global message calling for Iraqi children inside Iraq and abroad to draw their wishful dreams for a beautiful and peaceful country. The children’s drawings were the messages to all who can fulfil it for them.The Association held workshops for a month through visits to Arabic speaking schools, and there was participation from children and wider interests from the schools managements as this activity implies important objectives:

To build bridges between Iraqi children at home and abroad, and bring them together through fine arts.

To give children the opportunity to express their dreams and aspirations and what they wish for their country.
To discover and encourage the artistic talents of Iraqi children and give them the confidence to participate and express their opinions.
To provide an opportunity for Iraqi children at home to participate in international events.
To deliver the message of Iraqi children through the language of art to people who can help in achieving their dreams.
The exhibition was held in
London at the V&A museum of childhood on Saturday 19th and 20th of March 2011.
The Exhibition: Displayed up to 1000 drawings selected from the sent artworks.
Contest: The allocation of 10 valuable prizes for the best 10 drawings.
Participants: Certificates of recognition were sent to participants after the event 
Attendance: There was a wide invitation to the public to attend the exhibition/ competition where winners were announced with the presence of celebrities and the press.

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