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About us

Who we are:

The Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain ( IFAA) is an independent non-profit Association, not affiliated

with any governmental entity or party and officially registered in the UK. IFAA members are

professional Iraqi fine artists resident in Britain and from various countries around the world.

Our Objectives:

-To establish a collective work of the Iraqi fine artists in Britain, and to build bridges of

communication and cooperation between artists inside and outside Iraq and co-existence in

international events,

-To coordinate with other Iraqi, Arabic and British associations which a have common interest in

cultures and to present unique and distinctive works.

-To set up art exhibitions, seminars, workshops and courses to raise the level of art sense in our

society and other communities and to provide a beautiful picture of Iraqi art and culture.

-To create opportunities for collaborations with British Artists on individual and institutional levels to

profit from the cultural and artistic exchange by organizing workshops and exhibitions.

-To provide appropriate conditions for young people, to enhance their artistic creativity in the field of

creation and creative expression by organizing educational courses, these course and workshops

will be supervised by specialists in fine art teaches in both in Arabic and English languages, and in

collaboration with municipalities and institutions of British arts.

-To encourage and sponsor arts and technical studies, organize, and provide the possible

assistance for researchers in art fields in line with the objectives of the association.

-To discover the artistic talents and make them visible, act by all means to sponsor these talents and

provide possibilities to evolve in the fine art movement.

-To care for women and children and expand their knowledge of fine arts by providing art workshops

and courses to involve them in the Association’s activities and events.

Our Vision:

We believe that fine art has an important and active role in promoting human values and we

consider it as an essential activity to generate communication between nations through the

exchange of views, cultures, information and knowledge. Fine art creates dialogue that has an

important role in breaking down barriers and overcoming obstacles. People started drawing before

speaking, and the drawing became the medium of understanding and interacting.