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IFAA constitution


General rules of the Iraqi fine artists Association – Britain

The Iraqi fine artists Association in Britain is a non-profit association, not belonging to any party or governmental bodies, which is specialized in the areas of fine art and is an independent artistic and cultural association. Our main objective is to provide a high standard of art. Our principles are:

  1. To make this artistic language a means of communication between exiled Iraqi artists.

  1. To build bridges between artists inside and outside Iraq and create opportunities for art and cultural exchange.

  1. To extended Iraqi fine art creativity through participation in the international art forums.

  1. To promote artistic and visual thinking.

Chapter I:-

Article (1):

Establish the association in the UK and with it’s headquarters located in the city of London.

Article (2):

The association has the right to establish branch offices in other British cities.

Article (3):

Members of the association should be residence in Britain

Article (4):

The Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain works to achieve the following objectives:

1. To give the Art its role to reflect the legacy of the Iraqi fine art that extends from the depth of its civilization.

2. To create opportunities for cooperation with British artists on both levels of individuals and institutions in order to exchange cultural and artistic heritage through organising workshops and joint exhibitions.

3. To provide appropriate conditions for the growth of creative energies of young people in the areas of creativity and creative expression through organising informative and educational courses, these courses would be supervised by Arts specialists in both Arabic and English languages with the collaboration of municipalities and British professional institutions.

4. To encourage and foster the art and fine art studies by organise and provide possible assistance to researchers conducting studies in arts that to be in line with the objectives of the association.

5. To explore and highlight artistic talents and work with all means to care and provide opportunities for its development to take the right place in the art movement.

6. To organise seminars, lectures and exhibits in line with the objectives of the association.

7. To care for children and to expand their knowledge of art through organising sessions and providing opportunities to participate in art activities created by the association.

Chapter II:-


Article (5):

1- Believe in the Association objectives and perform in line with its principals.

2- Should be 18 years old or above.

3- Must have legal residency in Britain.

4- To submit a curriculum vitae and membership form to join the Association.

5- To pay the membership fee which to be determined later after agreement.

6- Honorary friends of the Association who believe in the objectives of the Association are accepted.

7- Final decision to accept members will be decided by the Board of Management of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain, and to notify in personal and written. In case of rejection the membership, it may be accepted after three months of first submission or the date of first refusal from the board of management, subject to the removal of the causes of rejection.

Article (6):

Kind of membership:

1- Member

2- Honorary Member

Article (7):

Duties and rights of the member:

1- To contribute in various aspects of activities of the Association, and the achievement of its objectives.

2- Has the right to the nomination of the Association, to participate in the elections, and observe its activities in accordance with the Association regulations.

3- Submit proposals to the board of management, and contribute to the development of the Association annual program.

4- Payment of the annual subscription in a timely manner.

5- To maintain the reputation and property of the Association.

Article (8):

Duties and rights of the Honorary Member:

1- Discretionary status given to those who provide distinguished service to the Association and its objectives.

2- Honorary membership granted upon the decision of the Board of Management unanimously or by a decision of the General Conference.

Article (9):

Loss of membership:

Membership to be removed from the member the Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain according to the following reasons:

1- Death.

2- Voluntary withdrawal of a member upon official request.

3- Dismissal from the Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain for violating the rules of the Association, and to be notified by the board of management decision of the dismissal reasons in writing.

Chapter III:-

Article (10):

1- The founder of the Association fills the position of the Chairman and appoints the secretary and members to their positions, which establish the principles and goals of collective action and team working to service the members of the Association, the affiliates and the public.

2- Board of Management composed of seven to nine members holding the following positions:

- President

- Secretary

- Finance

- Public Relations

- Press and media

- Youth Affairs

- Committee of Exhibitions & Fairs

- Article Archive

Article (10):

Terms of reference of the Board of Management:

1. Management of the Association and the preparation of regulations and internal polices and instructions necessary to the stability of the Association.

2. Recruitment of staff required for the Association and determines of their positions and end of their services in accordance with the rules of procedure.

3. The formation of committees as it deems necessary for the improvement of work and competence.

4. Preparation of final accounts for the end of the financial year and the draft budget for the new.

5. Submission of annual reports and financial management and any future plans or projects of the Association.

6. Determine the date of the General Conference to be held every two years, to discuss related issues of the Association.

Article (12):

Administrative rights and duties of the Board of Management:

The Chairman:

1- To manage the Board Meeting and general conference meeting, present the Association empowered by or for the official bodies, and oversees the conduct of its affairs with the assistance of members of the Board of Management. Has the right to grant part of his authorities, if need be, to one of the board of management.

2- Likely to vote in meetings with the Board of Management in the case of equality of votes.

3- To assist in the planning and implementation of programmes and activities.

4- To receive visitors and acquaint them with the Association programmes and activities.

5- To supervise the activities of the Association, and demand writing of periodic reports.

6- Enlist in trainings and course that should help the development of concepts of leadership and other relevant courses.

7- To sign on meetings minutes and all proceedings, documentations and orders relating to the Association.

8- Has the right to call for an emergency meeting of the Board of Management.

Article (13):

The Secretary:

1- To coordinate activities between the bodies, the branches and the representations of the Association. In addition, to prepare the agenda, meetings minutes and distribution of decisions for the Board of Management. Also handle correspondence and invitations.

2- To handle the work of the Association and lead normal duties imposed by the Board of Management occasionally.

3- To take notes of meetings and responsible for book keeping.

4- To be responsible of maintaining a record of the Association members and record of the meetings of the Board of Management and record meetings of the General Conference of the Association.

5- To write notices to members regarding all individual meetings and periodic meetings.

6- To notify the new members of their right vote for membership and the decisions taken on the independent members.

7- To assist in the preparation of the draft proposals of the Association.

8- To prepare brochures and booklets on activities of the Association.

9- To write the annual report of the Association and to read it to the Board of Management.

Article (14):

The Treasurer:

1- To collect fund revenues and to provide the necessary receipts.

2- Deposit all funds in the bank specified by the Association Board of Management.

3- To write reports on the status of the Association’s financial position.

4- To keep financial records and present it when required.

5- To maintain the Association’s funds and not to spend funds only upon the decision of the Board of Management to pay the Association expenses.

6- To pay the Association’s invoices and receipts.

7- To continuing fund raising.

8- To implementation the decisions of the Board of Management with regard to financial matters.

9- To prepare the annual budgets.

Article (15):

1- Associated with areas of their powers as above and allocate the work of each one of them (Board of Management).

2- The duties of Trustees; as members of the Board of Management; to work towards the goals of the Association, and should not be allowed to overcome or attempting to damage or to work without authorization on behalf of the Board of Management, and the rest of the members of the Association.

3- To drop his membership of the Association at this evidence of irregularities. As well as the member is resigning from his membership in the Board of Management and the Secretariat of the Association if failed to attend meetings for three consecutive times without valid excuse convinced by the board.

Chapter IV:

Article (16):

The income of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain composed by:

1- The membership fees to participate in the Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain.

2- Grants provided by the British institutions on this purpose.

3- Unconditional contributions and donations, offered by individuals or institutions and the Association keep the right to accept or reject these contributions.

4- Profits made from activities held by the Association.

5- The Association funds to be deposited in recognized bank in Britain.

6- Spending limited by forced controls and no spending allowed without the signature of the Chairman and the Treasures of the Association.