Ghada - Exhibition and the remembrance evening



Ghada - the name of the exhibition and the remembrance evening organised by the Iraqi Fine Arts Association in Britain (IFAA)









Memorial of the artist Ghada Habib who died on 6 September 2010,

IFAA organised an evening of remembrance of Ghada (who was one of the IFAA management members). Many attended the evening such as the most important institutions and associations that represent the Iraqi community in Britain and many of the artists and intellectuals of Iraqis and British and the Friends of the artist Ghada Habib. After the memorial event the IFAA held a memorial exhibition which displayed all her artworks that she wished to exhibit and this was on 14/1/2011.

After losing her hearing at age 14, Iraqi artist Ghada Habib has achieved great success as a professional painter. She has held solo and joint exhibitions and received several honors, including the "Ambassador of Peace" prize, which she received in 2008 from the Women's Federation for World Peace in the United Kingdom.

Ghada holds a degree from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad and two certificates in painting and ceramics from the Institute of Popular Heritage in Baghdad. She now lives in the United Kingdom.

She left Iraq in 1990. There were several factors that combined and finally made her stay abroad, including the unstable conditions in Iraq and her need to continue treatment after the surgery to restore her hearing, failed. All of these conditions made her decide to stay in Britain.

Artists have to be aware of all that, to open their horizons and review the artistic and cultural experiences and movements so they may move from the local to the global.


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