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Ahmed Faisal






Was born in Iraq, Basrah 1972.


· Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Macromedia Director,
3D Maya Animation, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and many other programs.

· Operating Systems: Fluent on Mac and PC platforms.

· Fluent in traditional print design requirements.

· Deadline and scheduling management.

· Creation and fast Design solutions.


2007 – 2008 Present

Lecturer of Graphic Design/ Advertising Director Emirates College of Technology (ECT), Abu Dhabi, UAE.

· Instructor of Graphic Design for the following syllabuses:

- Visual Communication, the Art of Graphic Design, Image Manipulation,

Graphic Illustration and Free Hand Drawing.

· Created the above mentioned five syllabuses from A to Z.

· Established the Graphic Design Studio in ECT and selected all its materials and machines plus its Interior Design.

· Generate artwork for ECT including brochures, Lampposts, logos, Advertising in Magazine and Newspaper, Leaflets, Rollups, graphics and proposals’ graphics

· Create Brand standard Guide book for the college and develop the Logo for the next 5 years.

2005– 2006

Graphical Communication/ Al Islami food Co., Dubai, UAE

· Communicated efficiently with advertising agencies, printing press, and photography studio and guided them to achieving the best results according to the brand structure and standards.

· Designing leaflet, POS materials, packaging, lamp post, stickers, Sign boards, billboards, design for trucks and cars and image manipulation.

· Designing and Publishing of Highlight Newsletter for Al Islami Co.

· Supported marketing department during campaigns for all GCC.

· Keep all Graphics in one standard of the brand.

· Experience in branding, visibility, merchandising

· Worked on creation design, Ideas and find solutions.

2004 - 2005

Senior Graphic Designer/ Art Click Graphics, Dubai, UAE

· Led the graphic design team in the company

· Created packages, brochures, print and media advertising, posters and others

· Supervised projects at every stage of production from concept to completion, including press-checks

2003 –2004

Art Director – Al Dana Magazine/ Dubai, UAE

· Created template art work of the magazine plus Its Logo

· Directed designers and distributing duties

· Supervised projects at every stage of production from concept to completion, including press-checks

· Designed advertising pages for VIP consumer in the Magazine

2001 –2003

Senior Advertising Designer/ Al Arabia Est. For Journalism and Publishing

· Senior Advertising Designer for 3 magazines; AlMara’a AlYaum, Ainawy, Atfal AlYaum.

· Worked directly with clients to meet their design needs, budgetary issues and time line.

· Met with sales personnel to get their point of view on market requirements and clients’ needs.

· Designed logos, letter head, greeting cards, business cards and others for the Establishment.

· Followed up with the printing press, chose print materials and checked print techniques used and Quality of prints.


Advanced Graphic Designer/ Future World Advertising, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Graphic Designer/ Midway Advertising, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Graphic Designer/ Alsaba Printing Press, Baghdad, Iraq.


· 1997 M.F.A. in Graphic Design, College of Fine Arts, Baghdad University.

· 1994 B.F.A. In Graphic Design, College of Fine Arts, Baghdad University.
I also studied: Industry Design, Textile Design and Interior Design.

· 1995 Certificate in English Languages, College of Languages, Baghdad

· 2001 Certificate in Motivational Selling, Brain Power Institute, Abu Dhabi.

· 2006 Certificate in English Languages, British Council, Abu Dhabi.

· 2007 Certificate in Maya 3D Animation, SAE Institute, Dubai, UAE.


· Arabic: Mother Tongue (Fluent-read, written and spoken)

· English: (Good-read, written and spoken)


  • Membership of Iraqi Artist syndicate since 1995 number of membership: 2929
  • Membership of Iraqi Designers
  • Membership of  The Virtual Art Academy®
  • Member of  TRIII corp. non profit organization- USA

EXHIBITIONS/ Oil color Painting on Canvas

· 2007 Common Exhibition, International, Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition.

· 2006 Common Exhibition, 3rd Abu Dhabi National Exhibition for Plastic Arts.

· 2004 Personal Exhibition, oil color, Culture Foundation, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

· 2001 Personal Exhibition, oil color, Culture Foundation, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

· 1997 Personal Exhibition, artistic posters, Sumer Gallery, Iraq, Baghdad.

· 1995 Personal Exhibition, posters for children, College of fine Arts, Iraq.

· 1994 Personal Exhibition, water color paintings, Sheraton Hotel, Iraq.

· 1993 Common Exhibition, oil color painting, Janen Gallery - Baghdad – Iraq.

· 1992 Personal Exhibition, graphic design, Baghdad, Iraq.


· 2003 driving license, Traffic Department, G.D. of Police Abu Dhabi, UAE.

· 1990 driving license, Traffic Department, G.D. of Police Baghdad, Iraq.

· Hobby: playing music: keyboard (Piano)




Ahmed Artwork :