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راجحة القدسي

Rajiha al - Qudsi

Born in Baghdad
Education and Work Experience
BA from Fin Arts Academy, Baghdad, 1972
Studied with Iraqi Pioneer artists such as: Faeq Hassan Garaj Aabo, Ismaiel Al Sheikhly, and Kathem Haydar
Studied design under the supervision of Dr. Azam a-Bazaz, 1973.
1974-1980      Designer at the Department of Design at Iraqi Ministry of Culture and Media
1980-2001      A Professor of Painting and Design, Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad
The Association of Iraqi Artists, Baghdad, Iraq
Iraqi Fine Artists Association in Britain
The Union of Iraqi Artists, Baghdad, Iraq
The Association of Jordanian Artists, Amman, Jordan
Individual Exhibitions
1977, The Altaf Salem Gallery, Kuwait
1999, Orfali Gallery, Baghdad Iraq
2007 Qibab Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sample of Group Exhibits
1975 The Traveling Contemporary Iraqi Exhibit in Europe
1978 Contemporary Iraqi Art Exhibit, Damascus, Syria
1980 The Traveling Art Exhibit for Iraqi Women Artists, Rome, Viena, Madrid 1980 An Exhibit for Women Artists in Diaspora, Baghdad, Iraq
1990 A Group Exhibit for Ten Iraqi Women Artists, The National Museum for Contemporary Art, Baghdad, Iraq
1990 An Exhibit for a Group of Iraqi Artists, Reo De Janeiro, Brazil
.1990 An exhibit on the Women's International Day, United Nations Office, Baghdad, Iraq 1997 An exhbit at the Arab Center for Culture and Arts, Beirut, Lebanon
1997 Selections of Contemporary Iraqi Art, Royal Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan
2001 Selections of Iraqi Art, an international exhibit with Inana Galler and Isisn Foundation, Paris, France
2001 Selected Iraqi Artists, Morocco House, City University of Paris, France
2001 Exhibit of Iraqi Artists, UNESCO, Beirut
2002 Baghdad Biennale
2002 Arab Spectra Exhibit, UNESCO, Beirut
2003 Selections of Iraqi Art, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2004 An Exhibit of Arab Women Artists, ESCWA, United Nations, Beirut 2004 An exhibit of Arab Women, Arab Women Conference, Beirut, Lebanon 2004 Selections of Contemporary Iraqi Art, Henri Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2005 One Artists from Each Arab Country, International Women's Day, Damascus, Syria 2006 Three Iraqi Artists, Tokyo, Japan
2007 An Exhibit for Five Artists from Iraq Tokyo, Japan
2007 An International Exhibit for Women Artists, Asila, Morocco
2009 Selections of Iraqi Art, Foresight 32 Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2010 An Exhibition for Humanitarian Support of Gaza, Al-Anda Gallery, Amman 2011 An Exhibit for Iraqi Artists, The Association of Jordanian Artists
·                 Executed a number of murals, among them the Assyrian Hall at Baghdad International Airport, a mural at Basra Airport, and a mural for a housing project in Baghdad
·           1978 Designing and medal in the name of novelist Abdel Malek Nouni
1978 The Best Design Medal, Ministry of Culture and Media, Iraq
1998 First prize in painting, Baghdad Artists Day
2010 Honored as an Arab Pioneer Woman Artist, The Jordanian Association for Artists In addition to number of honorary degrees and prizes in the field of designing book covrs
Her paintings has been collected in a number of countries such as: Lebanon France, Canada, Egypt, United States, Brazil and United Kingdom
1-     Jordan Plastic Artists League forum with the Morrocan Plastic Artistis League in Aghadir in the year 2012 .
2-     The second forum of the Arab Plastic Artists with the Jordanian Palstic Artists in the year 2013 .
3-     The world forum of Female Plastic Artists in Mascat , Oman.