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Haider Saddam

Haider Saddam

Born in 1969

Fine Arts Institute- Baghdad 1996 Member of Iraqi artists Union Member of Iraqi Plastic Society Member of Iraqi Journalists Union

Participations: inside the country

Personal exhibition Gallery Al- Wasti 2004

The Red Cross exhibition in 2000

Shakir Hassan Al Saayd s prize- Athar Gallery 2002 Exhibition of miniature s - Hiwar 2002

The Unisco palaco exhibition- Beirut 2001

Three Artists Exhibition- French Culturai Center- 2006)

Participations- outside Iraq

Tunisia- Jordon- Lebano- U.A.E- Ireland- U.S.A


First Prize- Baghdad Festival- 2002

First Prize- Ishtar Prize For youth-2005

First Prize in decoration dasign- Fine Arts Institute-1995 Apreciative certification From The Red Cross

Apreciative certification in Baghdad Day Festival



France/Spain/Italy/u.S.E/Canada/lreland/turky/ Tunisia/Syria/Morocco/U.A.E/Lebanon/Qatar/Jordan/Kuwait