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Selma Al Koory' is an Iraqi artist currently living London, she graduated from Baghdad University with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fin Art in 1963

Having exhibited since `1966 in exhibitionist both inside and outside Iraq, in this solo exhibition she has brought alive memories of past and present:


1966 Iraqi Impressionist Group

1961 Iraqi Artist Society

1968 Iraqi Impressionist Group

1969-81 Each year with the Iraqi Artist Society

1986) Baghdad Festival of International Arts

1988 The Arabic Women Artist in UK Exhibition

1992 The Iraqi Women's Arts Exhibition

1992 Namsa Gallery

1993 Gallery 4

1993 Arab Artist in London

1994 Iraqi Arts Festival

1995 Arab Arts Exhibition

2012. Ealing Arts Group -London

2014' Ealing Arts Group - Londo






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