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رشاد سليم

رشاد سليم


Rashad Salim


Artist/ printmaker, painter, sculpture, curator, illustrator, essayist, cultural researcher, grass root development and project animator.

Educational background:

International school education China, Sweden, Libya, former Yugoslavia and Iraq. Institute of Fine Arts, Diploma : Graphic art and printmaking, Baghdad 1980. St. Martin’s School of Art A/V arts, London 1983

Relevant Acquired learning - traditional arts / anthropology / history: documented interactions

· Thor Heyerdahl “Tigris” reed boat expedition, construction, crew member following ancient Sumerian trade routes from Iraq through the Arabian Gulf to the Indus across the Indian Ocean to Djibouti 1977 – 78. Slide show lectures on the expedition in universities, schools, and cultural centres in Iraq, England, Morocco, Tunis, and Yemen. Inspiration, connection and research “self sustaining island” Ongoing

· Issam El-Said, Artist/Architect concepts of Islamic geometric pattern, animated 16mmfilm 5 min. 1983

· Salman Shuker (Classical Oud) Audio recordings, oral history, photographic portrait studies. 1984.

· Thuraya Hillal, Middle East dance, stage design and multi-media sketches “The Place” London. 1985.

· Sam Zoughbad (Gnaawa) N. African trance ritual society. Pilgrimage, film / photo and events 1987-89

Selected work and projects:

· Mapping Iraqi art now:  “inside/out, front to back” research towards developing an installation and online (Wiki) platform mapping contemporary Iraqi art and culture inside occupied Iraq, the regionally displaced and global Diaspora.Ongoing

· “Green Zone/Red Zone” GEMAK exhibition co-curator, art and politics artist-in-residence at the Vrije Academie of Den Haag, working on a public art project “Sebaa Ayoun”, workshops and lectures. The Hague 2007

· *Offscreen education project workshops: Royal Museum (Scotland) “Beyond the Palace Walls” S. Arabian costume, British Museum, Arab Artists in School Program, Langdon comp. working with Headgear 2006

· Downsview, KCHT, Ashford    “Finding Your Feet” Art- print making, young asylum seekers program to create community bonds. Kent 2005.

· “IXDU” International Iraq Stop Depleted Uranium Director, mounting an exhibition of 27 artists, fund raising and setting up of organisation, awareness campaign to abolish DU weapons. Research, presentations and activity, UK 2004 ongoing

· Towers School Residency, artist studio and print shop, Kennington, Ashford, Kent 2003/4

· “Reclaiming the sky with our hope” Flying kites in occupied Iraq, art and trauma relief Iraqi Artists Society workshop/event bringing together artists, students and children, workshop and performance - Baghdad 2003

· “Night Watch” (SEA “Artrack” short listing) photographic studies of night lighting and urban borders Kent 2002.

· Ashford Visual Artists Founder member, Vice Chair. Association of over fifty local artists. Development of art centre, raising local arts profile. Ashford, Kent 2000-2003

· “Strokes of Genius” With Maysaloun Faraj, research, networking and book essay Iraqi art, international travelling exhibition of thirty five artists working world wide. London 1997-2000. Developed into iNCiA International Network of Contemporary Iraqi Artists- ongoing.

· Ibn Sina Medical Institution. Workshops with disturbed and traumatized young people exploring the making and flying of Kites as therapy. Rabat 1999

· * “Marsh Eye” Project to build an island on traditional principles in the shape of the Arabic letter (ain) in the Iraqi Marshes. Postponed by political obstruction. Body of works created exploring commonalties in form within the vowel sound range between scripts of the world. Serie of prints acquired by the British Museum, Exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, England 1997-98

· * “Gourd Companion” Calabash gourd sculptures, studies, and works. 360 gourds of all sizes collected in Yemen and moved to Germany and UK. Exhibitions installations Film/photo documentation. 1996

· * “Halaqa” Yemeni International Cultural Association; Founder member, vice-chair,Yemen 1995-2000. Art festivals, events and exhibitions, journal, centre with art gallery, print studio and workshops.

· * UNDP Artist Consultant water awareness program, educational activity based school package, design and development. Yemen 1996

· UNHCR , Field Officer/Consultant for reconnaissance, regrouping of refugees, logistics and setting up of Jahine camp for Somali refugees, Yemen civil war 1994.

· Radda Barnen, Swedish Save the Children; consultant, urban playground development in conjunction with local NGO’s, Aden 1993

· * Association of Friends of the Children’s Hospital; founder member vice-chair, photographic documentation, drawings, maps of 500 bed teaching hospital and grounds. Slide projection assisted discussion groups: the medical faculty, general public and professionals networking an association enhancing ecological and cultural environment to facilitate health and well being of children.

· Freelance illustrator/designer, selection of works:

· World map, Gilgamesh illustrations for Eurobook 1989

· Illustration and design of audiocassette and poetry book, Bulend Al-Haidery, London 1986

· Middle East topographical map Egee Art consultancy 1985

· Illustration and design, poetry book by Salam Khayyat “Maazufat”, London 1985

· Fabled Cities, Princes and Jinn Eurobook 1984.

· Illustrator “Magazine 2000” 1983.

· Design of logos and company headings 1984-1992.

· Teacher, primary school Al Thawra district, happenings for children including two mural painting events on the theme of urban Baghdad 1982.

· Illustrator, children magazines; Majallaty and Mizmar, and children books, set up puppetry unit, Directorate of Children Culture Baghdad 1980 – 82.