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ثامر الناصري

د. ثامر الناصري


1. Bachelor of visual arts - University of Baghdad

2. Master of fine arts - University of Baghdad

3. Doctor of Philosophy fine arts - Moldova - University cheshino

Scientific expertise

1. Art instructor at the Faculty of Arts 1999-2003

2. Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts, 2003-2005

• Member of Iraqi Artists Association

• Member of Iraqi Artists Association in Britain

• Member of Iraqi Artists Syndicate

• Member of the Assembly of Iraqi calligraphers

• Member of the Assembly of contemporary visual arts

• participate in all exhibitions held in the Hall Center Bgdadallalvnon 1984-2002

• Innovation Award for participation in the competition of sculpture in Romania in 2000

• First Prize for Sculpture Symposium in Italy, 2004

• Exhibition hall Numan Mall - Jordan, 2004

• a certificate of merit for the best artist in 2000 referendum Iraqi TV

• a certificate of appreciation - Baghdad International Third Festival 2002

Personal Exhibitions

• Exhibition Hall of Fine Arts Club, the top 1988

• Exhibition at the Hall of Dallas in Bucharest - Romania 2000

• Gallery in the city of Baia Mare, Romania 2001

• an exhibition at the Royal Cultural Center Amman - Jordan, 2004

• Gallery in Warsaw - Poland 2005

• Exhibition in Calleri time - Beirut 2005

• Baghdad Expo features and the presence of - Calleri Hammurabi - Hotel Le Royal Amman 2007

• Exhibition inspired by Iraq to cooperate with the Organization of the Catholic Gerets-catholic charities Fort Worth City - United States of America

Personal contributions and humanitarian

• contribute to the College of Fine Arts for more than two thousand books and philosophical and technical Semiaii after burning the entire library of the Faculty

• Responsible cultural and social activities and arts in Iraqi Society

• Founding member of the Iraqi Society reunion of refugees and Iraqi expatriates in the city of Dallas

• Hold educational seminars for young Iraqi and Arab in America - the city of Dallas to urge the moral obligation, educational, social, scientific, and need to preserve the Arab and Islamic identity in the Diaspora

• Cultural Counsellor for the number of humanitarian organizations in Texas, the Iraqi-American cooperation and coordination with Iraqi civil society organizations